Since 2001, specializing in editorial, advertising, lifestyle, and people style imaging.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.

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Michael Quevedo

My photography is all commercial based with a strong leaning towards lifestyle type imaging. Advertising, editorial, lifestyle is what I do and I always make it a point to keep it real (and have fun doing it).

I guess you could say that my fascination with photography started when I was about seven . . . 110 film, flash cubes, and my trusty view master. Remember those? Gotta love the 70’s . . . Born in northern California, raised in southern Cal and later, moved to Texas in the mid – 80’s, I’m a Texas based photographer who has found his home in a great many places I’ve traveled to (Portland, Madison, Austin, Santa Fe, Edinburgh, etc.). The list can truly go on . . . People, Traveling, and Inspiration . . . How else can I put it, I love photography! I love the feel of having a camera in my hand. I’ve always been charmed by people and their environments.


Editorial, Advertising, Lifestyle, and People style imaging.


In business since 2001.